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The Curiosity Crew, starring Ryan Buckle, is an interactive science and music show for kids. 
Since launching in 2010 at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, the show has wowed curious kids with great music and amazing science at major festivals, museums and schools throughout the D.C. metro area.

The show features music from our our debut CD, Swamp Stomp Boogie and several popular new singles, including Amphibian the Frog and The Sun Song.  The songs highlight discoveries kids can make in the world  around them, and inspires kids to ask questions like: Ever wonder where bats live?  What a gas is? How spiders and insects are different?   

In addition to live music, Ryan performs awesome experiments to inspire and amaze kids, often inviting friends on stage to help him.  Audiences of all ages ooh and aah at the floating smoke rings, circle of electricity, expanding "gas heads", disappearing water and more. 

The combination of music with science is magic: "Swamp Stomp hits all the basic criteria for good kids' music: It's well-produced, and the songwriting is fun and quirky." (USA Today)

Swamp Stomp Boogie was recorded and produced in Nashville with Grammy Award-winning producers and musicians and Wammie Award-winning rock star Shane Hines.  Each of the songs was built around curriculum developed by Curiosity Zone, an award-winning hands-on science center for young kids located in the Washington, D.C. suburb Ashburn, VA.   

about ryan buckle: 

Ryan Buckle is the stage name for musician and educator Eric Chandler, who has been singing and writing songs for 14 years, and has been teaching elementary school for more than 20. 

Ericís passion is teaching through music.  He enjoys singing for his students, and writes songs straight from the curriculum he teaches. 

Eric was profiled by the Washington Post for his focus on teaching through music.    He holds a degree in Elementary Education with a Masters in Reading from West Virginia Wesleyan College and The University of Virginia.   Eric lives in Purcellville, VA, with his wife and four young kids.

Eric has an amazing connection with kids in venues large and small!

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