"Swamp Stomp hits all the basic criteria for good kids' music: It's well-produced, and the songwriting is fun and quirky."  USA Today, December 2009.

"Thank you Ryan Buckle and Friends! Ellie had so much fun dancing and jumping around... she nearly passed out cold on the ride home. She would keep saying "more" whenever the songs ended on our new cd though!"  Erin, August 2011

"[W]hile we attend many of Jammin' Java's weekday shows, we just went to our first Ryan Buckle show there.  To put it mildly, my kids adored him. Every kid in the room was up and dancing hard. He calls his show 'Science that you can sing to,' so not only is the music good, but your kids can learn something too. Throughout the show, he does fun experiments, like setting off small rockets, blowing smoke rings, and dropping mentos in coke. The children love watching and participating in the science. My son was talking in the car after the show and I couldn't understand him, I finally I realized he was asking for me to play one of the songs from the show. I'm glad I bought the CD! As an adult you can listen to the CD a few hundred times and not lose your mind, trust me I know from experience."  Fun Mamma, November 2011.  Read full review:

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